“It’s not clubby here. It’s more real.”

-Shelley Fritsch (Anderson, SC),
Eagles Nest Homeowner

When Shelley Fritsch first visited Eagles Nest in August of 2016 it was by sheer chance. She had been looking in the mountains of Western North Carolina for several years. All she knew for sure was that she wanted high elevation, above 4,000 feet: “we wanted to be above the bug line,” she says. Although she had seen some beautiful mountain property and toured countless communities, nothing had really jumped out. Then one day, out of the blue, she got a postcard in the mail from a place she’d never heard of: “it was from Eagles Nest, some community near Banner Elk. I thought I’d give it a look.” Turns out that first look was all it took—she bought a lot that day. “I knew right away,” Shelley said. “I was drawn to the laid-back feel of the community, all the fantastic amenities they had, and, of course, the natural setting. It was very much love at first site.”

Shelley’s New High Country Home

Shelley bought a beautiful homesite at 4,100 feet overlooking the Pavilion. “The views there won me over,” Shelley says. “You can see Beech Mountain clearly, and off in the distance you can see mountains in Tennessee and Virginia, which is amazing when you think about it.” What was equally amazing to Shelley was the sheer number of amenities and activities that Eagles Nest offered on site. “I looked at dozens of communities over the course of five or six years,” says Shelley, “and none of them offered such a dynamic and versatile outdoor lifestyle as Eagles Nest. There’s so much to do there: Great Camp, TeePee Village, Boulder Park, North Pavilion, River Club…I mean, they thought of everything. There’s something for little kids, teenagers, parents, and grandparents. How many places can offer all that?”

A great location with a great atmosphere

One of the signature features of Eagles Nest is its relaxed, laid-back atmosphere. It’s befitting of the High Country itself, in particular, the town of Banner Elk. “So many communities and golf resorts we looked at in Western North Carolina seemed pretentious and snooty,” Shelley said. “That was the last thing I wanted. Look, I love golf, but I don’t want the attitude or added expense that so many golf communities have. At Eagles Nest there was just a different energy. It was inclusive and casual, the people were friendly and down to earth. I felt at ease and at home right away. In fact, one of the first things I did was go to a summer concert series at Great Camp. They do that every weekend in the summer—and so many families show up with kids and friends. It’s one big party on the mountain. Just a great scene for anyone who wants to go.”

An approachable community for one and all

When brothers Will and Mark Adkins originally bought the Eagles Nest community, their goal was to create a fun, camp-like experience for homeowners who could realize the kind of experience they enjoyed as kids and, in turn, share that experience with their own kids. Everything about Eagles Nest hearkens back to a more simple, nostalgic time, when life was less complicated, the days seemed a little longer, and outdoor activity was more important than cell phones and Neflix. “The lifestyle is wonderful,” says Shelley, “it’s unlike anything else in the High Country.” There are people of all ages and backgrounds here, yet everyone shares a common love of nature and the outdoors. Everyone is respectful and thoughtful of one another. I’ve even see the owners, Mark and Will, with their families at these events here. They love hanging out and really care about the community. They even check on the homes after storms or snowfalls to make sure things are ok. That says a lot to me about their character, as well as the overall character of the community as a whole.”

Come experience Eagles Nest for yourself

There is no other place in the High Country like Eagles Nest. We have an ideal location, some of the highest elevations, the most expansive views, and more premier amenities than anyone else. But don’t take our word for it—come experience it with your family. Our friendly Property Specialists will answer any questions you might have and tell you more about the lifestyle that awaits you at this unparalleled Banner Elk community.

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