Beat the Winter Blues with Off-Road Thrills at Eagles Nest

Life in the High Country offers year-round outdoor activities, even in the dead of winter. While local winters are highlighted by beautiful snows and whitecap mountains, most days are sunny and brisk – perfect for getting out and exploring. Turn the winter chills into winter thrills by hopping on a four-wheeler for some off-road fun while enjoying the local terrain and surrounding beauty at Eagles Nest.

There’s nothing quite like exploring the mountains on a four-wheeler with the crisp winter air and spectacular scenery breezing by. UTVs, available for rent at Off-road Adventures, seat two to six people, so gather your friends and family, buckle up, and get ready for a white-knuckle day cruising around dirt paths, zipping down deep valleys, and trudging up hills along miles and miles of trails.

Miles of Off-Road Fun

Churn through miles and miles of terrain specifically designed for recreational riders at Eagles Nest. You’ll enjoy pure exhilaration as you cruise through lush forests and across winding ridge lines and streams. As you ride over mountaintops, the panoramic views will take your breath away – views that go on for miles! The scenery is breathtaking, so bring your phone to take plenty of pictures.

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or a beginner four-wheel rider, you’ll quickly fall in love with this challenging and fun outdoor adventure. The great news is that off-road riding is safe for all skill levels. You can go at your own speed, and once you gain good throttle control, you’ll learn how to minimize wheel spinning, maneuver twists and turns, and master dips and steep inclines for a riveting ride.

Planning Your UTV Adventure

With a little prep and planning, you’re sure to have a great time exploring the trails and creating memories at Eagles Nest. Start with the right equipment, including boots, long pants and shirts, extra layers for the colder weather, gloves, and helmets. Then gas up your four-wheeler of choice. Eagles Nest owners can BYO4W – bring your own four-wheeler. Visitors and renters need to rent an off-road vehicle, and Eagles Nest operates Off-road Adventures offering UTV rentals as well as information about our trails. Our trails are open year-round, so it’s important to check the weather before firing up your ride and to be especially cautious of slippery, icy areas. Plan for a full day of fun. Better yet, multi-day adventures allow you to familiarize yourself with your vehicle and the trails, giving you the confidence to fully enjoy off-road riding.

Our riders, minimum age of 18 to ride and 21 to rent, respect nature by staying on designated off-road vehicle trails and preserving the environment. It’s also common courtesy to slow down when passing other groups or vehicles and to pull to the side to let groups pass by that are trucking along a little faster.

Whether you like to get down and dirty or just want to heat up your winter adventures, you need to experience this four-wheeler heaven at Eagles Nest. We’ve got the views, the mountains, the trails, the mud, and the off-road vehicles – the perfect combination for loads of fun. After a long day of rolling through the trails, freshen up and head to the new Eagles Nest Winery to relax by the fire with a nice glass of wine and share your favorite memories of the day’s adventure with friends and neighbors.

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