Eagles Nest Bear

Eagles Nest family has regular (stealthy) guests at their High Country home: bears!

Bear Encounter featured on Inside Edition

It’s not every day that you see a bear. Unless you live in the gorgeous North Carolina High Country, where bear sightings are increasingly common. That’s especially true for the Starnes family, who own a mountain home at Eagles Nest, Western North Carolina’s fastest-growing master-planned community. And it’s attracting more than homeowners apparently. It’s attracting a certain lumbering herbivore: Black Bears. Now, contrary to popular belief, Black Bears are not dangerous—unless humans get too close. They will avoid confrontation (as this video link demonstrates) and retreat, even if curiosity gets the better of them.

“We have been seeing this family of bears for a couple of years now,” says Lori Starnes, whose family has owned at Eagles Nest since 2016. “There is a mom bear and triplets. And one of the cubs, in particular, has been very curious since he was little. He has frequently left the others and wandered on to our porch and snooped around.”

Today, that little cub is a nearly full-grown two-year old and, true to form, still making the rounds as the video below captures. “We had been at the summer weekend party at Great Camp,” said Lori, “when our son [who was back at the home] notified us that there was a bear on the porch, ‘taking the cornhole bags.’ And that’s what this video depicts. It also depicts my ‘freak out’ the next morning when I’m having coffee on the porch and he returns. Quite a rush.”

Click here to view the video.

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